Ever wondered what it’s like to be a New Orleans event planning Pro? Let me tell you, it’s not just any job – it’s an adventure. It’s being the conductor of a vibrant, rhythmic symphony that only New Orleans can compose.

You’re juggling city regulations while coordinating with colorful venues, from French Quarter courtyards to Mississippi River steamboats. Imagine dancing through Mardi Gras parade schedules and attracting attendees who’ve traveled miles for your unforgettable show!

This guide promises to help you navigate this journey with ease. You’ll understand how to work around local rules and leverage the carnival season. Plus, I’ll debunk common myths about Mardi Gras itself.

The Big Easy is calling… are you ready?

. Take into account the amount of attendees and what type of gathering you are organizing. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate conference, or a lively party, New Orleans has a venue to suit every occasion.

Some popular venues include the historic French Quarter, with its charming courtyards and elegant hotels, or the Garden District, known for its picturesque mansions and lush greenery. You can also explore unique spaces like warehouses, art galleries, and rooftop bars for a more unconventional setting.

When selecting a spot, don’t forget to look at elements such as parking access, ease of access for attendees, and any extra services or facilities the venue may provide. It’s also a good idea to visit the venue in person to get a feel for the space and ensure it meets your requirements.

With the right venue, careful planning, and a touch of New Orleans’ vibrant spirit, your event is sure to be a memorable success.

Table Of Contents:

Leveraging Mardi Gras Season for Your Event

Picture this: It’s Mardi Gras 2023, and New Orleans is alive with the energy of the carnival season. You’re hosting an event, but instead of fighting against the festivities, you use them to your advantage.

Timing Your Event Around Mardi Gras Parades

If timing is everything in comedy, it’s even more critical when planning events during Mardi Gras. Just as a comedian knows when to deliver a punchline, so should you know how to schedule your event around parade schedules.

You may be wondering which parades are busiest or when they start ramping up? Well, our research shows that parade frequency increases around February 18th. So if you want a lively atmosphere without being overwhelmed by crowds at their peak – this could be an ideal time for your gathering.

The most vibrant parades usually occur along St. Charles Avenue or Orleans Avenue towards Canal Street downtown. If timed right, these routes can provide both locals and tourists with a spectacular backdrop for any type of occasion—whether it’s corporate activation or private celebrations. Learn more about how to make the most of Mardi Gras parades and enjoy the carnival atmosphere.

Taking Advantage Of The Carnival Atmosphere

Moving beyond logistics – have you thought about ways to incorporate some good old-fashioned fun into your agenda? Think live music inspired by traditional brass bands blasting from every corner. Or perhaps adding local delicacies like king cakes and crawfish boils on your menu would tickle guests’ taste buds?

Merging these elements will not only create unforgettable moments but also let your attendees experience the unique flavor of Mardi Gras. After all, isn’t that the reason they’re in town?

Managing The Crowds

It’s no secret – New Orleans swells with visitors during Mardi Gras season. But this shouldn’t scare you away from hosting an event during this time. Instead, consider it as a golden opportunity to attract more guests.

It’s all about handling the number of people smartly, using it to boost the experience instead of hindering it.

Key Takeaway: 

Imagine hosting a memorable event during Mardi Gras 2023, leveraging the carnival’s energy instead of competing with it. Smartly time your gathering around parade schedules and embrace traditional festivities like live music and local delicacies to give guests an authentic New Orleans experience. Rather than being intimidated by the crowds, see them as an opportunity to attract more attendees.

Choosing the right venue is like finding a pearl in an oyster. It can make or break your event. When it comes to New Orleans venues, there’s no shortage of options, each with its unique charm and vibe.

The first step? Figuring out what you need. This involves thinking about factors such as capacity limits and location – not just for convenience but also to set the mood of your event.

In New Orleans, size does matter. The city boasts a variety of venues that cater to events big and small. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or planning a large-scale corporate activation, knowing your expected guest count will help narrow down your choices.

Consider Capacity Limits

If it’s a small meeting or party, look into boutique hotels with quaint conference rooms perfect for close-knit groups. But if you’re expecting hundreds (or even thousands) at a convention or concert, explore larger spaces like ballrooms and stadiums that can accommodate bigger crowds safely without feeling cramped.

You wouldn’t try to squeeze ten clowns into one tiny car at Mardi Gras parade would ya?

Selecting Prime Location

This isn’t just real estate jargon; it applies equally well when selecting from various New Orleans event venues. Consider where most attendees are coming from—would they prefer somewhere downtown near French Quarter’s bustle? Or perhaps something quieter on the outskirts might be more suitable?

Bear in mind transport links too – choosing somewhere accessible by public transit could increase attendance numbers significantly.

A tip here: Use Google Maps’ ‘Nearby’ feature to scout potential venues. This will help you get a sense of what’s around – restaurants, hotels, parking lots – all these can impact your event.

Now that we’ve covered capacity and location let’s move on to another critical factor: amenities.

Amenities Matter

Choosing the ideal spot isn’t just about walls and a ceiling. It’s about finding that place that feels right.

Key Takeaway: 

Finding the right New Orleans venue is a bit like treasure hunting. You’ve got to know what you’re looking for first – think about your guest numbers and location needs. Smaller get-togethers might love the charm of boutique hotels, but bigger crowds may need something like a ballroom or stadium. Location’s key too – choose somewhere easy to get to that fits with your event’s feel. And don’t overlook those amenities.

Attracting Out-of-State Attendees to Your Event

New Orleans, with its rich culture and vibrant party scene, is a magnet for out-of-state visitors. However, attracting these guests to your event needs some savvy strategies. The good news? We’ve got you covered.

The Power of Social Media

Let’s kick things off with social media – the ultimate tool in our modern age for connecting people far and wide. By promoting your event on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you’re reaching thousands of potential attendees beyond New Orleans’ city limits.

Make sure to use hashtags related to your event theme as well as popular tags such as #VisitNewOrleans or #NOLAEvents which are frequently searched by out-of-state folks planning their visit. This strategy helps cast a wider net in the vast sea of social media users.

Leveraging Local Attractions

Incorporating local attractions into your promotional material can also draw interest from those looking to visit New Orleans.

You could mention how close the venue is to famous spots like Bourbon Street or Jackson Square. Alternatively, include suggestions about making an extended trip around Mardi Gras season – after all, thousands typically visit New Orleans during this time every year.

Selling the Experience

To attract attendees from afar successfully, sell not just an event but an experience. Highlight what makes it unique – be it live jazz music performances or delicious Creole cuisine tastings – essentially everything they won’t get anywhere else.

  • Promote any special guest appearances;
  • Mention interactive activities;
  • Highlight exclusive merchandise they can take home.

This approach grants those from beyond the area to sample some of the NOLA ambiance, even if just for a short time. Remember – you’re selling them an experience that extends beyond the event itself.

Promotional Deals and Packages

How about whipping up some exclusive deals or packages just for our guests from afar? You could think about offering them discounted tickets as a thank you for their long journey. Or even better, why not team up with local hotels?

Key Takeaway: 

Attracting out-of-state guests to your New Orleans event is all about leveraging social media and local attractions. Make sure you’re using popular hashtags on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, and include famous local spots in your promo materials. But remember, it’s not just an event you’re promoting – it’s a one-of-a-kind NOLA experience. Think live jazz music, Creole food tastings, special guest appearances.

Debunking Mardi Gras Myths for Event Attendees

There’s a cloud of misconceptions around Mardi Gras, especially for first-time visitors to New Orleans. But fear not. We’re here to clear up some common myths.

All About Flashing

The infamous flashing-for-beads tradition is one such myth that needs addressing. Yes, it happens but only in certain areas like Bourbon Street. It’s definitely not the norm throughout the city during Mardi Gras 2023. So attendees can breathe easy knowing they won’t need to bare all just for a string of beads.

Mandatory Masquerade?

Another popular misconception is that everyone must wear masks or costumes at every event during Carnival season. While dressing up adds to the fun and festivity, it’s by no means compulsory outside official masquerades or balls.

Carnival Equals Chaos?

A third misunderstanding paints Mardi Gras as nothing more than wild parties and rowdy crowds – an image amplified by movies and TV shows alike. But did you know many family-friendly parades are part of this festive season? Neighborhoods away from downtown host parades suitable for all ages along St Charles Avenue or Orleans Avenue towards Canal Street downtown where locals bring their kids too.

  • Bonus Fact: The word ‘carnival’ comes from Latin words meaning ‘farewell to meat’. This hints at its origins as a pre-Lenten feast before fasting begins on Ash Wednesday.
  • If your interest has been piqued about these community-centered celebrations known as krewes,, check out the Mardi Gras parades link.

A Drunken Free-For-All?

The myth of Mardi Gras being a wild, alcohol-fueled event is inaccurate. Yes, people enjoy their libations during this time, but public intoxication laws are still in effect and enforced by New Orleans police.

  • Planning to have some grown-up fun? Ensure that you engage in your festivities judiciously.

Key Takeaway: 

Don’t think Mardi Gras is just about crazy parties and bead flashing. Sure, Bourbon Street might be famous for that, but it’s not the whole city’s vibe. You can choose to dress up—it’s fun. But it’s only a must if you’re hitting official masquerades or balls. There are also family-friendly parades in quieter neighborhoods, away from downtown hustle-bustle. And hey, while drinks may be plentiful…

FAQs in Relation to New Orleans Event Planning

What is a typical day for an event planner?

A normal day includes meeting with clients or vendors, scouting venues, crafting budgets and timelines, resolving last-minute issues while always being ready to adapt.

How do you plan a local event?

To start planning a local bash: identify your audience; decide on goals; set up budgeting and funding; choose venue and date; then promote it widely within your community.


So, you’ve navigated the wild ride of being a New Orleans Event Planning Pro. You’ve mastered local regulations and learned to dance with Mardi Gras schedules. You now know how to pick perfect venues and attract out-of-state attendees. Your understanding of this vibrant city is deeper, and your planning skills are sharper. The myths about Mardi Gras? Debunked.

The journey’s not over though; it’s just beginning! Use what you’ve learned here as your compass, guiding every decision in creating unforgettable events. Breathe in that jazz-filled air, embrace the carnival spirit – New Orleans is waiting for you!