IndyCar Meets Music City

About Us

Clandestine Events + Experiences was established 11 years ago, by our Chief Astonishment Officer, Kelley Troia. Kelley’s 25+ years in marketing and advertising include senior leadership positions at both Walmart Stores and Whole Foods Market.

Since its inception in 2012, Clandestine has created experiences for 100’s of clients, with a healthy mix of corporate, non- profit and private clientele. This includes milestone events, team building off-sites, as well as conferences and festivals; with concepts and ideas that the Clandestine team ensures is a direct match to our guests.

Clandestine has a small team of seasoned professionals, each with over 15+ years of experience, who travel across the U.S., providing our services to like-minded client partners.

The Clandestine Leadership Team

Kelley Troia

Kelley Troia
Chief Astonishment Officer

Cassidy Wind​
Event Design Artisan

Steve Carnes

Steve Carnes
Maestro of Mayhem

Vanessa Duivenvoorde

Vanessa Duivenvoorde​
Director of Flame Throwing

Chrisy Hurst, Merrymaker Extraordinaire

Chrisy Hurst
Event Merrymaker