New Orleans Brass BandObviously, we are biased because our bread and butter is corporate event planning – but we also believe that New Orleans is such a unique city, the services of an event planner and event designer are absolutely crucial to

It’s Tricky

I love New Orleans. It’s hard to find a city that is similar in culture, taste, feel, sound, and texture. One of the biggest lessons I learned moving from the East Coast to the Big Easy, is the pace is much slower. Certainly, the pace of business is much slower. It can take some time to hear back from local businesses. Whether it’s limited staffing or staff with limited attention – it can be really dicey if you don’t know the vendors to call when you need to get shit done.

It’s Sticky

The weather in New Orleans is predictably unpredictable. The best laid plans can be completely stymied when a storm approaches and unfortunately, New Orleans does experience a variety of weather related events. Having an experienced corporate event planner is key to navigating these weather hiccups. This can include last minute transportation services, venue recommendations that reduce the event’s exposure to the elements, and large scale tent installations. Our Clandestine team has also sourced disposable ponchos, umbrellas, and shrimp boots for some of our smaller event groups. In addition to rain concerns, New Orleans is also very humid and muggy. Checking your weather app does not always suffice in truly predicting what the weather will feel like. Hosting an event in June – September outside can be a less than ideal choice because even if the rain stays away – that humidity can be a killer for guests who aren’t familiar with tropical weather. (Who am I fooling – even locals have trouble with it!).

Delicious New Orleans food

It’s Savory

This one is a bit more obvious… New Orleans is known around the world as a foodie destination. There are so many delicious options to choose from. Well known establishments like Commander’s Palace, Brennan’s, and Antoine’s are the obvious stand outs, but you’re really missing out if you limit yourself to these. Some of our current favorites include Clancy’s, Jewel of the South, Paladar 511, and Herbsaint. Not to be outdone, cocktail bars are also quite plentiful. Check out The Will and the Way, Carousel Bar, or The Chart Room (this is a dive bar – cash only; locals love it) in the French Quarter. Spotted Cat, Blue Nile, or d.b.a on Frenchmen for live music. If you want to venture a bit further, Bacchanal is pretty amazing – weather dependent; as is Anna’s and the Elysian Bar – these are all in the Marigny/Bywater.

It’s Spooky

All jokes aside, navigating New Orleans can be challenging for folks who aren’t familiar with the lay of the land. It’s easy to walk just a bit too far and find yourself in a neighborhood that is a bit unsavory. Sometimes a direct path from point A to point B is not the best path to take due to a variety of reasons – whether that’s construction, or road closures, or the characters you might meet along the way. As your local event planning team of experts, we consider it our duty to make you aware of these things and to ensure the venues we recommend are easily accessible for you and your guests.

Local New Olreans talentIt’s Legendary

Creativity and culture is everywhere. It oozes out of the streets and seeps into the veins of all those who exist in the city. As a result, your corporate event can truly stand out with a unique and authentic experience for your guests that gets at the heart of what New Orleans is all about. This requires local expertise. Sure you can throw some beads around people’s necks – but did you know that those beads are a dead giveaway to pick pockets that you’re from out of town? As soon as Mardi Gras is over in New Orleans, you won’t find a local wearing a single bead.

What makes New Orleans truly legendary for out of towners, is the experience they have within the city – our team will bring all the elements that ensure your visit is perfectly curated just for you. Our goal with each event we produce, is to keep them talking well beyond it’s end date. We know we’ve accomplished this when our host turns to us and says “How are we going to top this?”