Tybee Island Lighthouse

This past week our entire team descended on Tybee Island, off the coast of Savannah, Georgia, for a 3 day planning session. We were joined by our close business partners, Prevailing Path. With 8 brilliant minds on site to brainstorm, ideate, and strategize – there was also plenty of time for the broader team to get to know each other better. And it wouldn’t be a Clandestine experience without copious amounts of superlative food & drink.

clandestine airbnb tybee island

We all work remotely and travel to where the work takes us. Sometimes that’s Nashville, sometimes it’s Austin, sometimes it’s Miami or Fort Lauderdale or, New Orleans – so, our interactions with each other as a team are most often emails/texts with some Zoom calls mixed in to see each other’s facial expressions. Dedicating 3 days to our Clandestine business – to share our year-to-date success and discuss our plan for the future was really a welcome treat. It was work, but I think I can speak for everyone and say that we all valued the chance to talk about the future.

Clandestine Prevailing Path Meeting

It’s exciting for me, as the founder of Clandestine, to look around a table and realize all these people are collaborating on behalf of this business I started 10 years ago. We have grown considerably this past year and are so grateful to our clients for their trust, partnership, and all the great work they’ve brought our way. I am flattered and thrilled that the folks that work on my team and those that partner with us are as devoted & dedicated to this business as myself. I feel incredibly lucky – this time together gave me the opportunity to thank everyone in person.

Clandestine GSD

We spent a good bit of time talking about our secret sauce – what makes Clandestine Events + Experiences unique. We talked a lot about what really differentiates us from our competitors. I often find elevator pitches wordy bullshit. Boring may be the biggest insult I could receive – I’d rather say nothing than say something that falls flat. When we boiled it down to it’s very essence, we landed on a phrase I posted on LinkedIn as more of a goof than anything else… ‘I’m the Life of the Party’. AND evolved it to… ‘We are the Life of your Party.’ As an event producer, that phrase takes on multiple meaning. I like to think people like to have me around because I am fun to be around. But also, in the case of our clients – myself and my team are literally the ones that bring the party to life AND keep it alive.

The Grey Savannah

Event production is often seen as a glamorous job – based on a considerable amount of design + planning; pulling all the components come together to create a composed picture. I suppose that’s a compliment if we make it look easy. Producing an event really boils down to details & logistics. What it ends up looking like in the end is the the ‘full package’ – but each event is composed of unique elements, some of which can be an additional project unto themselves.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to hone in on what makes Clandestine so uniquely Clandestine. Stay tuned and if you happen to get an invitation to attend one of our events ~ please join us and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of our service.