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Make your corporate event, landmark anniversary, or epic birthday celebration a truly breathtaking occasion with Clandestine Events + Experiences. Our passion for the unique, intimate local knowledge, & meticulous attention to detail allow you to relax and enjoy the show. We combine all the elements unique to your venue, style, & persona to exceed your goals. Most importantly, we handle every little detail from planning to party to pack-up. Simply put, we’re the Life of Your party! Put decades of excellence to work on your special occasion. Trust Clandestine Events + Experiences with your special occasion here in Austin, Texas or anywhere in the world.

Austin, Texas
3703 Alexandria Dr
Austin, TX 78749-3975


SXSW Lasting Impressions (My $.02)

SXSW Lasting Impressions (My $.02)

I hesitate to publish this but, to be perfectly frank, I was woefully underwhelmed by SXSW this year. I had a similar experience last year, but thought it was more my own fault - this year, I feel fairly confident in saying that some of the main challenges of SXSW are...