austin event planning

Our approach to event production always begins with an understanding of our client’s goals & expectations. What we want to do, is directly link those goals & expectations to an event filled with experiences that are authentic to the client & the location. We do this with every event we produce – no matter where it is hosted.

When it comes to Austin, there is no shortage of elements that help tie the event to the location. Our favorite elements to incorporate into Austin event planning & production include great local music, exceptional food, a unique venue, and some sort of local talent that showcases Austin artistry.

Breaking these elements down even further, here are a few of our favorites… The Peterson Brother’s are a fantastic local duo with strong connections back to Leon Bridges. They’re a real treat – total talents who are just a ton of fun to see live.

The Roosevelt Room
The Four Seasons

We are always on the hunt for a location that isn’t considered ‘cookie cutter’. We shy away from hotel ballrooms because they look like they could be in any city and we prefer the location to shine through in the venue we select. This isn’t the case all the time, The Four Seasons here in Austin has a beautiful outdoor space that overlooks Ladybird Lake that is gorgeous. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Roosevelt Room or even Josephine House.

And then we have the food & beverage ~ in many cases, including the venues referenced above, the food is included in the location rental. Depending on the level of importance, we may suggest that a client specifically go with a venue that doesn’t have in-house catering so we have the flexibility to bring in one of our preferred food vendors. Or, if we absolutely love a restaurant – we will suggest a full buyout. That’s what we do in the case of Jeffrey’s ~ it’s one of my most favorite restaurants in the United States.

Local Austin Graffiti Artist

We also love to incorporate interactive ‘surprise’ elements throughout our events. Something that will emphasize the uniqueness of the experience. For our Formula One event at Circuit of the America’s, we brought in a local graffiti artist who created one of a kind pieces for our VIP’s. And we are currently working with a local hat company to offer custom hat fittings on site. These are activities we have offered in the past and guests absolutely love them.

Austin Millinery Shop

Austin is a fabulous location for events like ours because it has such a unique identity ~ we look forward to designing future Austin events for our client’s and their guests. For more @ClandestineExperiences recommendations, visit our customized Austin Google Map or Austin Bimble. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs and vision..