Coming Soon To a Birthday Near You

Have you ever had a birthday celebration filled with such seemingly tall tales that almost no one believes it actually happened?

If you’re like most people, the majority of your birthdays tend to blend together into one giant glob of frowny-face reminders of yet another year going by. But every once in awhile a select few knock it so far out of the park that they give you joyful memories for a lifetime.

Take Jessica for example. She and 16 of her friends decided to travel from San Francisco to New Orleans, where her boyfriend Jim would be hosting them, to celebrate her 30th birthday. Jim wanted them to have a trip so unique that it would set the bar for any birthday parties in the future. So, he called Clandestine.

From there, we arranged an experience so incredible it could have a movie made about it. Don’t believe us? Then we’ve done our job.

Birthday Milestone

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Jessica saw it coming from months away. The next chapter of her life was here. Her big 3-0 birthday celebration had finally arrived and so had the plane to New Orleans that would elevate her experiences to heights she never knew existed. Accompanied by 16 of her closest friends, she left San Francisco determined to eat, play and live like never before, and so began a journey that would forever transform what it meant to celebrate a birthday.

The weekend adventure went a little something like this:

• Lodgings at a private mansion fully decorated and stocked with favorite beverages• Slideshow in the mansion’s theater room• Hot-and-ready crawfish boil in the backyard• Dinner at local favorite Jacques Imo’s restaurant• Party bus fast-tracked to character-filled local watering holes like Mimi’s in the Marigny, Sazerac Bar, Kingpin, F&M’s and Snake & Jake’s• Brunch at world famous Commanders Palace• Customized scavenger hunt• Private hairstylist to assist all the ladies for the night out• Birthday dinner in the exclusive wine room at Emeril’s restaurant• A sauntering second line parade through the French Quarter to the bar d.b.a.• VIP access for a performance by the Dirty Dozen brass band

Birthday Milestone 3 Birthday Milestone 2 Birthday Milestone 4

And now, your feature presentation…

On average, people today live to be about 79 years old. That’s 79 birthdays—or 79 chances—to have a celebration jam-packed with stories you absolutely, positively can’t contain and want to share with any and everyone.

If you want an adventure like the one Jessica and her friends lived, give us a call. We’ll take care of all the plans. You just have fun. It’s that easy. And we’ll make sure your experience is a blockbuster.

Contact us now to book a birthday experience unlike any other.