DEE-FENSE!Snap. The quarterback drops back. He scans the field. Left. Center. Right. No one is open. He rolls out. He scans deeper. There! A receiver downfield!A defensive player breaks through the line, desperate to deliver the knockout play that wins the game. The quarterback’s arm goes back. The defensive player launches. The ball launches. The crowd becomes a sea of widened eyes and opened mouths during a moment that seemingly lasts forever.A GAME CHANGERIf you live for moments like that, then you need a game-changing experience from Clandestine.Our custom game day and weekend packages deliver all the best football has to offer while not bothering you with any of the boring details. In fact, we take care of planning everything, including private transportation, tailgating, and even providing optional swag bags filled with team gear. We can even assist with arranging your hotel accommodations and more, like calling on the king of all tailgate trailers that will elevate your experience to the pro level.