This year has been far from normal, and like so many others, the event production industry took a huge hit. As the entire world seemingly moved online, we were forced to adapt to the changing times, get creative and think outside the box. In addition to our custom curated gift boxes, we’ve developed a way to bring the Clandestine Experience right to your living room with our brand new virtual events. With five already-established experiences to choose from, this is a great way to bring fun to your friends and family in the midst of chaos. Below, we’re highlighting one of the tastiest trips you can take without ever having to leave your home.


New Orleans is a city that bursts at the seams with one-of-a-kind music, history, culture and architecture. But perhaps the Crescent City’s most famed descriptor is as a food city unlike any in the country. Not only does New Orleans have its own special cuisine that borrows from various global influences; it also has a restaurant scene comparable with foodie paradises all over the world.

This virtual experience gets you into the kitchen with one of New Orleans’ most well-respected local chefs. You’ll be cooking up a storm as our chef leads you through a spirited cooking demonstration of a delectable New Orleans favorite such as jambalaya, dirty rice or beignets. Home chefs will also have the option to add a small demo box for attendees that includes a selection of locally made rice and spices that will elevate your meal to heavenly heights.


If you’re looking to flex your kitchen skills or bring a taste of New Orleans into your home (wherever that may be), contact us today to discuss in further detail. While things may not bear a semblance of normalcy any time soon, Clandestine Events is here to help you (safely) have fun with those nearest and dearest.