Magasin – This Vietnamese restaurant is doing quite well considering they’ve only been open for a few months. It’s no surprise once you try their food – the spring rolls, the pho, and the bahn mi – all great. As a matter of fact, today we went for lunch – and we had a nice filling bahn mi for $4.91 + $1 tip. And the Vietnamese coffee is to die for.2. Midway Pizza – Midway has an all you can eat special during lunch that they offer called the Freret Jet for $8.95. It includes both pizza & salad options. Midway is very casual, comfortable and delicious. Their staff is courteous & welcoming, too. This is a great spot for kids.3. Taceaux Loceaux – Oh my word, this taco truck is addictive. Everything on their menu is delicious. We haven’t had a bad meal yet. You can get 2 stuffed tacos for around $9.4. La Cocinita – Another great local food truck with a price point right around the $9 range. Their menu is more mix & match – they leave it up to you to decide if you want a taco or a taco salad and then what you want within that – the food is fresh & great.5. Killer Po-Boys – KPB just opened in the back of Erin Rose, which is right off of Bourbon Street. I’m looking forward to going back – the bar is very chill considering it’s so close to Bourbon; and April the bartender was super friendly. As for the food – they’ve got some inventive poboys; coriander lime shrimp, rum & chipotle braised pork, Moroccan spiced lamb sausage, to name a few + there’s usually a special which is clearly whatever super fresh food the chef has gotten his hands on.LAGNIAPPE6. Central Grocery – We know there’s a ton of debate over who has the best muffaletta – we’re still partial to Central Grocery’s. It’s actually somewhat pricey BUT it’s really difficult to eat all of it, so we inevitably have leftovers which we’re happy to eat for dinner (and sometimes even for breakfast!). Pro Tip: we get a few during Mardi Gras and they’re a great “healthy” snack to maintain endurance.]]