Because our service is so unique, we are including a list of packages to consider. These are examples – every event & experience is uniquely customized for each visitor & group. It can include as much or as little as your group is comfortable with. As a matter of fact, we can take care of every last detail – including your travel arrangements if you’d like someone else to manage it all for you. That’s completely up to you.All of our clients receive a customized itinerary, guidebook, & interactive map with each spot noted in the guidebook marked.The Foodie – Everyone knows New Orleans is a culinary adventure; but many visitors end up at the same restaurants – if they were to ask around, they’d find the only folks eating there, are others just like them: visitors. We guarantee nothing of the sort for our Foodie guest. Let us set you up in a luxury home in the city equipped with a high end kitchen and a renowned private chef. We will make arrangements for you to enjoy a chef’s table at a one of our preferred restaurants. We will also take you out of New Orleans, where you can enjoy stunning meals at a lesser known cajun kitchen or a world renowned restaurant depending on your preference. And then, let us make arrangements for you to enjoy a cooking class where you participate in the cooking and then enjoy the meal when it’s done. Lastly, enjoy a culinary walking tour – where you learn about the food and it’s heritage here in town.]]