We have a four story converted 1830 mansion totalling 9,178 square feet located in the heart of the French Quarter. This space is right off of Bourbon Street and includes a balcony overlooking St. Louis, alarge event space on the second floor which includes it’s own bar as well as a nice big patio in the back.Facility:

  • First Floor: 48 seat cafe & bar with full commercial kitchen (can come staffed, or bring in your own)
  • Second Floor: 175 capacity elegant private party venue
  • Third Floor: Furnished luxury 2,312 square foot 2 bed/2bath with kitchen suite
  • Fourth Floor: Furnished 804 square foot 1 bed/1 bath suite

There are lots of great options for this space come Super Bowl weekend. We could certainly see a brand or business with clients in town buying out the building and using it as their command post for the weekend.]]