50th birthday party theme

PARTYSLATE Features “The Best of Birthdays”

It was an absolute honor to be featured on PARTYSLATE’s March 31st post – “18 Unique 50th Birthday Party Themes that Guests will remember”  Listed below is a callout of what they based their list off of.

50th birthday party themes bring fun and creativity to your milestone celebration. After all, turning 50 represents a well-lived half century — and that is worth celebrating. A cake is nice, but a party is even better. 

So what is a good theme for a 50th birthday party? We’ve done the work for you and have rounded up our favorite 50th birthday party theme ideas, as well as examples from real birthday party celebrations

A cake is nice, but a party is even better.”

Clandestine kicked off the #1 spot featuring their Jazz Fest. Milestone Birthday Party which occurred at one of the most iconic venues in New Orleans, The Music Box Village.

The Party Agenda

  • Guests transported to this undisclosed location
  • Explored architectural instruments and dined al fresco – Clandestine’s Private Chef
  • After-dinner – relaxed in outdoor lounge
  • Freak show entertainment acts
  • Transported to an afterparty. on Frenchmen Street

Jazz Fest, New Orleans, is the perfect time of the year for a milestone birthday party!

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