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PARTYSLATE Features “The Best of Birthdays”

It was an absolute honor to be featured on PARTYSLATE’s March 31st post – “18 Unique 50th Birthday Party Themes that Guests will remember”  Listed below is a callout of what they based their list off of.

50th birthday party themes bring to the celebration of your milestone filled with creativity and fun. In the end, turning 50 represents a half-century of a well-lived life — and that’s worth celebrating. A cake’s nice, however, a party is a ton better. 

So what’s a good theme for a 50th birthday party? We have done all the work for you & have rounded up our favored ideas for the 50th birthday party theme, as well as examples from real birthday party celebrations.

A cake is nice, but a party is even better.”

Clandestine kicked off the #1 spot featuring their Jazz Fest. Milestone Birthday Party which occurred at one of the most iconic venues in New Orleans, The Music Box Village.

The Party Agenda

  • Guests transported to this undisclosed location
  • Explored architectural instruments and dined al fresco – Clandestine’s Private Chef
  • After-dinner – relaxed in an outdoor lounge
  • Freak show entertainment acts
  • Transported to an afterparty. on Frenchmen Street

Jazz Fest, New Orleans, is the perfect time of the year for a milestone birthday party!

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