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Rockstar CMO Advisors (RCA) provides consulting advisory services and fractional marketing leadership to B2B marketing leaders. They share what they’ve learned backstage and in front of a live audience during their many marketing tours. Some call this gig strategic consulting services, fractional marketing leadership, executive advisory, we just hope you’ll say that our experience made a difference.

140: The Personas 7 Steps, Kelley Troia from Clandestine Events and Goals over a Cocktail Episode

Timestamp: 00:26:45 – Ian Truscott goes backstage with Kelley Troia, who has the wonderful title of Chief Astonishment Officer at Clandestine Events. With over 20 years of experience leading branding initiatives for household brands like Walmart Stores and Whole Foods, Kelley now specializes in turning brand values into actionable event marketing

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