The Clandestine Team at our 2nd Anniversary PartyThe spring brought on festival season and with that, a TON of work. As New Orleanians, it is practically our religion to indulge in all that spring festivities have to offer. This year however, I had the added responsibility of taking the magical experiences I have known to be true, and making them a reality for others. These last couple months were probably my favorite. I felt truly immersed in the business, Kim and Kelley were giving me more responsibilities, I asked less questions and made more decisions. Now that Jazz Fest has ended and we enter the quieter summer months, everyone has had a chance to exhale. For Kim, Kelley, and the rest of the Clandestine team, this moment of reprieve is merely an opportunity to catch their breath in preparation for the next marathon. For me however, it is a bit more conclusive. While I have to plans to break ties with Clandestine, the reality is that my internship has come to an end and I am moving on to other endeavors.In all, Clandestine New Orleans has been a blessing that I never knew possible. It has been an incredible experience to watch the company grow and I am honored to have played a small part in it. And while Kim and Kelley now have their own office (and there’s no longer a shower) not a bit of the jovial energy experienced on my first day has been sacrificed.I want to thank Kim, Kelley, and the other trusted members of the Clandestine team for an incredible ten months. I’ve learned so much from you all and will treasure the relationships we’ve formed. I won’t say goodbye, because I know that it’s not. What I will say is thank you, good luck, and I’ll see be seein’ ya around the city!XOXO, Sarah]]