At Clandestine Events, we pride ourselves on giving our guests experiences they’ll never forget. Whether that’s a wedding, a private event, a corporate retreat or a gala, our favorite part of event production is ensuring that everyone involved receives the luxury experience they deserve.

Earlier this year, as the entire world was faced with the harsh realities of life in the midst of a pandemic, we did what we do best; we leaned into our problem solving skills and began identifying additional business opportunities. As we worked to explore new lines of business while also keeping our customers safe, we remembered why we do what we do in the first place: to make magic.

Virtual events and experiences were the obvious next step, but we needed another way to retain people’s engagement and keep our own creative juices flowing. Thus, our themed gift boxes were born. What started as a way to subsidize and replace this year’s loss in business became a months-long process of meticulously formulating these high-end Clandestine parties in a box. While the production of the boxes took longer than originally expected, we’re extremely proud of the care and customization that turned every box into an experience we’re honored to offer.


Magic In A Box

Our Custom Designed Gift Boxes come in 3 sizes: Mega, Mid, & Mini

Our gift boxes were created based on what we saw as a gap in the market. There were plenty of mid-range gift box companies out there, but there weren’t very many that prioritized a luxurious and sophisticated experience. Because we wanted to provide that, no expense was spared in the manufacturing of these gift boxes.

First, we had to procure the right vessel, or box, to use. This turned out to be the longest part of this process, as we were looking for something that people would keep long after receiving it in the mail and could use for a variety of reasons. Finally, we found the perfect fit with our customized top-of-the-line gift boxes. Once we selected the perfect vessel, we had to wait for them to be constructed, shipped and received. Add a hurricane (or two…or three) to that timeframe, and our plans for launch were delayed past our pre-Halloween release date.

We also wanted to make sure that every item in each of these boxes was something we would be happy to receive ourselves and would promise our customers an unparalleled experience. We individually tested all the products to assure they were worthy of inclusion in these lavish boxes and they were meant to last. From a projector to a picnic basket to one-of-a-kind glassware and a suitcase, we guarantee that the goods are well worth the price, as recipients will be able to use them again and again.


Gift Boxes Are Available Now

Pictured at right is our Flicks + Fun movie night gift box ~ filled with everything you need for a night at the movies.

Creating something from scratch is never an easy task, but we’re ecstatic to bring back luxury into our customers’ lives. The gift boxes include a movie night box, a travel kit with an included suitcase, a picnic pack-up, a spa day box, a work from home box, a happy hour box and a game night box. Whatever you choose, the recipient will receive the box, along with a personalized note, and it will be delivered with white glove service. Perfect as an upscale present for that special someone in your life or as a much-needed ‘treat yourself’ moment, our gift boxes are a chic and safe way to have the magic of the Clandestine experience right at home.
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