We are so lucky to have a business with a broad array of event & experiential services – including our wedding planning services. It helps us push the boundaries of our creativity by leveraging the diversity of our client needs along with the je ne sais quoi of New Orleans event planning.

Case in point – Genna & Pat’s wedding this past November in the French Quarter. Our wedding clientele tend to be friends, or friends of friends – Genna & Pat are no exception. Genna’s parents are friends with dear college friends of mine. They are also fantastic people to work with and to know – everything about this wedding was a pleasure to pull together.

I met with Genna + Pat a year prior to their wedding to look at venues – and after a bit of negotiating, they settled on Bevolo Lighting. A lovely little spot right in the Quarter that epitomizes old New Orleans charm. This company is known internationally for their handmade copper gas lanterns; as a result, the space if filled with lanterns that help light the way.

The space is a tiny bit challenging, simply because it is long and narrow – it’s not for everyone because it’s hard to get all your guests into one set space. However, if you absolutely love the look and feel, it’s easy to look beyond the space challenge. It encourages more movement & flow – and there’s a little outdoor courtyard that is perfect for a small ceremony. The bonus to this venue is that weather isn’t really a huge factor. Plus, it’s air conditioned!

Genna & Pat were probably the most laid back bride & groom I’ve ever worked with. They weren’t worried about a lot of the typical wedding “rules”. Genna will probably kill me for saying this, but it felt quite zen. They really focused on enjoying the day to the fullest, without all the stresses associated with checking off wedding ‘box’ after wedding ‘box’.

Are you or someone you know planning to get married in New Orleans or Austin, soon? We’d love to help bring your vision to life.

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