Event Activations

It is our belief that anyone who is great at their job, tends to be a bit obsessive about their work. While I don’t want to be too presumptive, I can confidently say that our team also leans toward obsessive.

How does one obsess about event design experiences and activations you might ask? We are ALWAYS pushing to think outside the box – to push our ideas and concepts just a bit further past what would be acceptable. Often times, we obsess about something the client doesn’t even know about — these are ideas we have that haven’t been done or seen before at an event; we don’t want to suggest a concept that we cannot deliver for the client – heaven forbid we have to say no!


“Every experience we create must have multiple ‘wow’ moments that keep our guests guessing and keeps them interested throughout the duration of the event.”


These can vary from small wow to big WOW. It really needs to be the perfect balance so it is enough to capture people’s attention, but not so much that it distracts from the true reason that the guests are there in the first place.

To put a finer point on our obsession, we focus on the ‘nit nat’ details that many people might overlook or take for granted. Custom branded keepsakes and momento’s – items that might not typically jump to the forefront in someone’s mind. Swag is a great example – but nowaday’s we find that a lot of swag misses the mark. How many branded jump drives or water bottles does one person need? We think through the point of receipt all the way through to packing the swag in their bag and traveling home. It’s our belief that a smaller, higher ticket item that is easy to pack in a bag is much more desirable than a big bag of large, less quality items.

Don’t just think about the experience in the moment – think about how that experience will linger in the guests mind. Our ultimate accomplishment is an experience so grand, so monumental, that people consider it a game changer — the best ever.

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