Preferred group size: 100+Warning: Not for passionate vegetarians or the faint of heart.

What’s a Boucherie? A Boucherie is traditionally a community gathering for harvesting an animal. Because of the intensive labor that’s involved in the butchering of the whole animal, a farmer would call upon neighbors, family, and friends to aid in the task. Normally, this day of work turned into a celebration, with lots of food, spirits, and music to go around.

This experience is one of our favorite offers and takes us outside of New Orleans (anywhere from 45 minutes to 2-1/2 hours away). Spend the day with the boucherie team, learn about the history of this tradition, and assist in the preparation of a great feast. This precious ritual’s all about displaying the act of respect for the sacrifice of the pig and expressing appreciation for the generous nourishment it delivers; henceforth utilizing all parts to prepare various Cajun dishes, including ribs, blood sausage, backbone stew, cracklins, and many more. This is the ultimate experience for true foodies. Contact Clandestine today to learn more.