Preferred group size: 100+Warning: Not for the faint of heart or passionate vegetarians.

What is a Boucherie? Traditionally, a Boucherie is a community coming together to harvest an animal. Due to the intensive labor involved in whole animal butchering, a farmer would call upon friends, family and neighbors to assist in the task. This day of work normally turned into a celebration, with plenty of food, music and spirits to go around.

This experience is one of our favorite offers and takes us outside of New Orleans (anywhere from 45 minutes to 2-1/2 hours away). Spend the day with the boucherie team, learn about the history of this tradition, and assist in the preparation of a great feast. This treasured ritual is about showing respect for the pig’s sacrifice and expressing gratitude for the bountiful nourishment it provides; hence using every part to prepare a variety of Cajun dishes, including cracklins, backbone stew, blood sausage, ribs, and more. For true foodies, this is the ultimate experience.Contact Clandestine today to learn more.Tools of the Trade2016-03-13-15-49-19Making headcheeseBackbone Stew]]