Clandestine Events - SXSW Mean Girls We’re just nine months away from SXSW 2025, and our Clandestine Events team has already debriefed to gear up for the madness. Here’s how to crush it at South By Southwest – whether you’re a brand or an attendee.

Clandestine Events - SXSW Sharpie ActivationFor Brands:

Know Your Budget: Be crystal clear about your budget with your brand activation / creative events agency. Your budget sets the stage – whether you’re aiming for a Ferrari, a Cadillac, or a Hyundai. We’ll make sure your event shines, regardless of the budget size. Spend more on the venue if foot traffic is your game, and get scrappy with design elements. Timing is Everything: With so much happening over two weeks, nailing down the perfect date and time is crucial. Who do you want at your event? When will they be there? What else is going on? Timing can make or break your event. Set Clear Goals: Have a firm strategy with clear goals and KPIs. This helps your events team deliver and lets you show your leadership the ROI of your marketing spend. Trust the Experts: Be flexible and listen to your vendors. They know the local scene inside & out. That downtown parking lot might seem ideal, but remember, you’ll need to bring everything – restrooms, security, the works. And let’s not forget Austin’s unpredictable weather!

Clandestine Events - SXSW Founders HouseFor Attendees:

Get Ready to Hustle: SXSW is overwhelming. It took me four years to master it. The layout sprawls across downtown Austin, so plan for travel time between venues. Popular sessions fill up fast – know your must-attends and get there early. Explore Beyond Your Comfort Zone: Check out activations even if they don’t seem interesting at first glance. You never know what might surprise you. I’m a loyal American and Southwest flyer, but the Delta Lounge activation blew me away last year. It was a game-changer. Perfect Your Pitch: Be ready to nail your pitch. SXSW is an investment – make every interaction count. Have your pitch down and keep your business card or QR code handy. Need more help? Want advice or local creative agency support? Reach out to our team of experienced corporate events planners. We’re here to help you own SXSW 2025.