Our 10 year anniversary client’s a local to New Orleans — on the social circuit, they are very active (New Orleans’ VERY active circuit, as you might imagine). And oh man do they have bright ideas on how to arrange a party!

Honestly, for us, this was a dream client. They were very receptive to our ideas & were all about ‘leveling up the ante’ on what we delivered at the party. Our location was downtown in the French Quarter at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum; one of our favorite courtyards to rent in the Quarter.

We transformed it into a beautiful boho-chic, enchanted courtyard – with plenty of lounge furniture from Lovegood Rentals – The furniture pulled this rustic fairy tale look off perfectly!

What’s a soiree without flowers? We had the opportunity to have absolutely stunning decor from our favorite floral artist, Kim Starr Wise.

A great event is breathtaking from the first moment. How can we forget the amazing balloon installation from Desiree and team at Badass Balloons?

New Orleans is known as one of the best culinary destinations in the world. Luckily, we had the culinary wizards at Black Pearl Catering

to provide an unforgettable food experience. Along with food, New Orleans is no stranger to the best cocktails! Our favorite mixologists at Cocktail + Co kept the party going!

Black Pearl Catering

to provide an unforgettable food experience.

But how will people dance when there is no music? For our entertainment purposes, we had

DJ Carmine P Filthy

mixing it up and getting people out on the dance floor.

Milestone Anniversary Party

Last but not least,

Element Rentals

really were lifesavers! They dealt with our umpteen calls for more space heaters because of the weather, outside in late January. But hey! At least it didn’t rain! That’s all we could ask for.

If you have a vision, we can make your dreams come true! Even if it is not a Milestone Anniversary Party, if you have a special day approaching, Clandestine will make it the most memorable experience of your life!