Many people try to avoid getting older. However, there’s something about New Orleans that is reminiscent of Never-never land. Here at Clandestine, we believe that every moment should be celebrated and pride ourselves on being one of New Orleans’ best event planners. Recently, we put-together one of the most unforgettable birthday celebrations in the Crescent City, during Jazz Fest 2019.

Need an excuse to host your milestone birthday party at Jazz Fest in New Orlean? We’ve got you covered; here are five.

1. There’s no other city that knows how to party like New Orleans.

New Orleans likes to stay up late: often all night – and unlike some cities, there’s not a lot of side eyes if that’s your choice. Since this city is known as the birthplace of jazz and cocktails and hosts Mardi Gras every year: There’s no time for rest (our favorite phrase here at Clandestine is “We’ll sleep when we’re dead”)! 

2. The food & beverage is superlative

The Jazz & Heritage Foundation puts as much time & attention into the food they serve as they do who is performing. As a result, there is a vast offering of foods to sample and enjoy. Our pro tip for newbies: go where the crowds are. There’s a reason why there are 5 line options for that Cochon de Lait poboy. As for our services, we can assist with all your reservations & recommendations. We love to pair our clients with the perfect private chef/caterer/restaurant based on your taste.

3. You can have your own parade!

Second lines are a part of our daily life in New Orleans, and you don’t have to be dead or famous to get a second line parade. Organizing requires some advance planning, and that’s where we step in!  Some things, like acquiring police escort or a permit from the City of New Orleans, are not optional. Of course, throwing beads or twirling parasols while you dance are optional, but we suggest you should. 

4. The talent here is endless 

From trad jazz to brass band to bounce; from burlesque to circus freak to haunted historian.Since music is the local language any time of the day or night,  when the sun goes down in New Orleans, opportunities to listen and dance to live music and catch cabaret shows are in every nook and cranny. 

5. New Orleans’ true essence is a rich delicious gumbo of unique creativity.

As such, it is a wonderful backdrop for a birthday celebration that is perfectly designed to suit your vision.

These are just the first five reasons that came to mind. There are plenty of others. If you need tips for your upcoming Jazz Fest trip, check out our recommendations here.

Got a birthday coming up soon? Care to join us?