<![CDATA[One of my absolute favorite things to do locally here in New Orleans is shop. We have some of the most amazing local artists, artisans, and boutiques. There is a true sense of pride & craftsmanship here which is inspiring to see as a boutique business owner, myself. If you happen to visit these fine folks based on our recommendation, please mention Clandestine!!Here are a few of my favorite local vendors…

HoneyboardsHoneyboard + St. James CheeseI should probably save these for last because I am completely obsessed with these boards which are made from scrap cypress. If I could buy the entire stock, I would. They’re so gorgeous to look at and deceivingly light. Each one is a work of art created by nature and finished off by Sarah Tucker, the owner. They are intended as serving ware – perfect for a cheese and charcuterie board. Our suggestion is to purchase one of these stunning pieces of art and then grab some cheese, charcuterie and Bellegarde bread at St. James Cheese on Prytania. This just may be the perfect gift (for me it is!).Loomed NOLA

LoomedThis lovely little textile shop is located at The Rink, a small mall located at 2727 Prytania, which is right near Commander’s Palace. It’s in a small shopping mall that includes a few other local shops (Still Perkin’, Garden District Books…). Loomed is a great excuse to head over there because their textiles are as gorgeous to look as they are to feel. Each one is hand woven in Turkey and the quality level stands on its own. Why not make it a perfect afternoon with lunch at Commander’s (don’t forget the $.25 martini’s!); and then head to The Rink for a couple gifts at Loomed, plus coffee & a good book to read.

Bern CeramicsBern CeramicsI have a soft spot for this potter because she’s a personal friend. Maureen Kennedy has turned what was once a hobby into a full time job filled with love. Her pieces look so whimsical and sweet – she’s got catch-alls for jewelry, tiny bud vases for the flowers that are in bloom, and mugs for that local coffee you’re brewing (try French Truck!). Maureen also takes custom orders. I’ve seen her create some great stuff that act as wedding gifts which are customized in the wedding colors. Doorman Designs

Doorman DesignsThis furniture business is owned by another good friend of mine, Alex Geriner. I know Alex from a former life for both of us when we both worked in advertising. I’m absolutely thrilled that he has found his true passion in life – meticulously creating furniture that speaks to his beautiful design aesthetic. His pieces are all one of a kind and he is available for commissioned pieces. He has gathered quite a following not just locally, but nationally as well. Studio Ippiki

Studio IppikiThis one holds a special place in my heart because it reminds me of my mom, who passed away a few years back… Studio Ippiki does custom bookbinding, box making, paper making, and ornaments. I’ve run into Yuka Petz’s display a few times at some of our local markets and it always fills my heart when I see her craftwork. I just bought a few of her paper ornaments for our tree this year and I adore them. Yuka is also available for custom packaging solutions – I hope to have an occasion to put her to work on that soon!Don’t forget to tell them you heard about them from Clandestine!]]