Virtual events and conferences are all the rage right now. With a lot of great discussion and content. Many of our clients are in the decision making phase regarding plausibility and value of virtual conference planning. Their key question – is it really worth it?Below is our short list of things to think about when considering hosting a virtual event.1. Does the topic you’re covering easily translate to an online communication forum?2. Can you provide a seamless experience? Bandwidth and connectivity for you, your guests, and your attendees is critical to keep in mind.3. What technology platform best suits the virtual experience you intend to present?

  • Do you want it to be a 1:many experience in which only the speaker(s) are viewable? Or do you want the speakers and the attendees to be able to see and interact with each other (this is best for a small event, for obvious reasons)?

4. What other functionality will you need?

  • Screen sharing.

  • Dynamic polling questions.

  • Networking opportunities.

  • Sponsorship opportunities.

We believe it is important for folks to think outside the box. In order to create a dynamic experience and captivate your audience (keeping in mind there are MANY distractions for us all as we work from home). Keep and open mind and be flexible. This will allow for some creative license which is imperative for the event to keep folks engaged.The biggest benefit to virtual events is that ANYONE can attend. As long as they have a device and the internet, your attendee list can grow exponentially (something that could be of paramount interest to potential sponsors). Because of this, we intend to encourage our clients to offer a virtual experience long after our shelter in place has been lifted.Want to discuss our virtual event management services in further detail? Fill out our online form, email, or call us at 479-387-6386. We are more than happy to discuss your options candidly and provide you with our recommendations.Next Topic: How to Make Your Virtual Conference and Event Stand Out