We've Got Soul menuThis past Friday, I had the opportunity to visit We’ve Got Soul in the back of Marie’s Bar on Burgundy. I met with the chef, Tres Barnard, and his girlfriend Emily as well. They were a sweet couple and it was clear Tres has a strong passion for the food he’s cooking. They only pop up one day a week, on Fridays. When I asked what else they do, he said this is it – it takes a lot of time because he is committed to fresh produce from only local providers. The business person in me marveled that they could survive serving one day a week; but I was impressed by his dedication to quality product.We've Got Soul - Soft Shell CrabI ordered the Soft Shell Crab with caramelized shallot remoulade along with the Chisesi’s Ham Bone Crowder Peas and the Sauteed Tasso and Sweet Onion Purple Beans – all for $15. It was a huge plate of wonderfully delicious food. I watched as the restaurant filled with folks – many who clearly were there to support Tres and enjoy a pretty serious bargain considering the quality of the food and the portion size.I had intended to talk to Tres about a private event that I was working on, but we agreed we’d speak on Saturday. The restaurant/bar was full and he had hungry mouths to feed.I called Tres in the afternoon on Saturday, but didn’t hear back from him until Saturday evening. That’s when he told me the story about being robbed of everything he owned. Everything of any value. Tres was pretty shaken up, and rightly so. They are currently taking donations (scroll to the bottom for the PayPal link) – and there’s a fundraiser this Friday to help raise money for him. If you can, please give to this young talented chef. He really got the rug pulled out from under him just when he was gaining some momentum.And when he reopens (I sincerely hope he doesn’t let this knock him out!!) – get your ass to We’ve Got Soul. It’s delicious and this kid deserves it!]]