This movie is NOT intended to be considered for any Oscars, but it does look like good fun; particularly if you hit up the viewing party set to take place tonight at Pizza Nola, starting at 7:30. FYI, Syfy is channel 45/1045 for HD on Cox. ~ clndstnThe good news: Giant albino fire-spitting attack spiders will lay siege to New Orleans on national television Saturday night. The better news: “Arachnoquake,” the unabashedly cheesy creature-feature made-for-TV movie debuting at 8 p.m. Saturday (June 23) on the Syfy cable network, is the latest product from a Louisiana-based production company, Active Entertainment, that’s successfully identified a programming niche that’s employing lots of locals and a few imported B-list-at-best actors in service of entertaining millions of viewers, some of whom no doubt are tuning in just to goof on the cheese-spread.via Syfy’s ‘Arachnoquake’ unleashes killer giant spiders on New Orleans |]]