Only a few hours left!!! As most folks know, we’re in the midst of Tales of the Cocktail here in New Orleans which is a huge confab dedicated to… you guessed it – cocktails. This is probably not what most folks would think when associating New Orleans and Cocktails – this is a true conference all about liquor. We have distillers, distributors, bartenders, and anyone else associated or interested in alcohol.Every Sunday at Tales, The Bon Vivants, a cocktail consulting firm out of San Francisco hosts something they call Pig & Punch and it is in a word – awesome. It’s a pig roast with 5 trashbins full of spectacular punch and the entire event is free and open to everyone. They do ask that if you can afford it, you purchase a t-shirt – this is a fundraiser that they put on and as you can see from the video below, they dedicate a lot of time to helping the community here in New Orleans & elsewhere.If you can head to Pig & Punch 4, you should – it’s quite an experience. Keep in mind as one might expect, it’s very popular so I wouldn’t go hungry. Make sure your bladder is empty and you’ve had something to eat because the lines are long and these are public portolets. This event attracts everyone and you’ll see some amazing NOLA drunkards on what I’d suspect is their favorite day of the year.See you there!]]