I’ve had similar thoughts to the point of view included below. New Orleans has NEVER been a group of defeatists; rather, it’s a society that has continuously taken a big hit and used it to propel itself ever foreword. The reality is that technology & the internet have severely impacted the newspaper business. Even if the owners of the Times-Pic reversed course, the writing is on the wall. What we really need to do is take this event and find a way to use it to our advantage. New Orleans is a city that many people far and wide have fallen in love with. By leveraging the internet, this city can continue to communicate to a much larger audience than a local printed paper. It’s about innovation – which New Orleans has been touting for some time now, so let’s put our money where our mouth is. ~clndstnLet’s stop badgering the Newhouse family for their unwelcome and possibly doomed plan to give up on our daily newspaper. And then let’s do something smarter.The sentimental nagging won’t work. The Newhouses aren’t going to reverse the decision to leap from print to online publishing. They don’t share the widespread appraisal of their existing web presence NOLA.com as wholly inadequate, a rickety landing spot for so big a jump. They aren’t in the kind of financial desperation that would prompt them to sell to Tom Benson or John Georges and leave town. They obviously scoff that the civic types now pleading with them to desist don’t understand that print is going to die in the next few years anyway. They might have noticed that the protest rally last week to “Save the Picayune” looked remarkably futile and small, certainly not the kind of crowd that would come out if the Hornets needed saving.via Smarter than Newhouse | Blog of New Orleans.]]