A blog post about our all time favorite local New Orleans musician to see live. Here’s yet another person who recognizes just how amazing & talented George Porter is… ~ clndstnThanks to a tip from my esteemed colleague and professor of all good music, Roy, I was able to catch George Porter, Jr. and the Runnin’ Pardners at a free concert series at Pier Park in Panama City Beach last Thursday. Having seen the ‘Pardners’ at Jazz Fest a few years ago, (with my other musical pardner in crime, Eddie, the band’s biggest fan, and personal friend of George’s), I knew the kind of open-ended, run-the-gamut ‘fawnk’ I was in for. George’s music has always held a special place for me, as a foundation of southern funk, with the Meters.’ Sassy Lady’, from the album Zony Mash, will always transport me to that sun-glinted bayou in my mind. It has always been about the space Porter creates for everyone else, as much as what he plays within that space. But apart from the music, George stands as an example of an undying creative spirit, constantly seeking new expression, while basking in the bliss of doing what he loves.via eddiesportal.]]