Our recommendation to folks looking to relocate to New Orleans is to make sure there’s a market for your services professionally. This is a great place to live, and a tough place to leave – but the employment opportunities for professionals is a bit out of whack and it can be incredibly difficult for an ‘outsider’ to find a true career path. ~ clndstn1. New Orleans, LouisianaChange in population: 4.9 percentPopulation in July of 2011: 360,740Population in April 2010: 343,829Average annual city unemployment (2011): 8.8 percentIncrease in jobs (2010 to 2011): 6,900 (1.3 percent)Continuing to rebound from the effects of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans had the highest population growth in the country for any city over the size of 100,000. The city’s rate of population growth (4.9 percent) is more than six times the national average of 0.73 percent. The Big Easy’s MSA (New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner) had significant growth in information jobs and education and health services, at 7 percent and 3.6 percent respectively. Despite this growth, the city’s population is at just 80 percent of pre-Katrina levels.via New Orleans tops fastest growing cities in America list – Bottom Line.]]