Not a bad list here – we’ve got a number of local venues listed: Napoleon House, Sazerac Bar, Lafitte’s, Cure, dba, R Bar. These aren’t the only bars we would recommend in the city, but it’s a pretty good list to start with!! ~ clndstnThis is journalism, people. All year long our swarms of investigative reporters ping-pong across the nation, hitting juke joints, mixology meccas, beach bars and dives by the dozen. We look under every maraschino cherry, jotting down notes on wet napkins with steeled nerves and steady hands. To make our bar guide as definitive as possible, we spare lots of sleep and no expense. If you know of a drinking establishment that belongs on this list, clue us in. Meanwhile, pour yourself a tall one and enjoy this intoxicating menu.via America’s Best Bars 2012.]]