Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Scott Satchfield / Eyewitness NewsEmail: [email protected] | Twitter: @satchfieldNEW ORLEANS — In such a highly concentrated area of partying, club owners say security personnel often face tense, alcohol-fueled situations.Moving forward, bouncers and doormen on Bourbon Street, and across the state, must go through training to learn how best to handle those very moments.”Any amount of training is good. I know some of the guys up and down the street tend to get a little rough sometimes, and that’s not good,” said Tropical Isle Owner Earl Bernhardt.Bernhardt’s staff is already required to attend training sessions. He said his club sees few problems.”We don’t allow our people to put their hands on ’em. We just try to get ’em out of the bar peacefully,” he said.via New law requires La. bouncers to take crash course in diffusing situations | New Orleans.]]