Maurepas last week. It’s almost as if I’ve been afraid the memory would fade once I had documented it and let it out – which really seems kinda backwards. Nonetheless, I’ve waited a week to share my meal & my photos from lunch at Maurepas Foods.I was in the Quarter last week on business at lunch time, trying to decide where to go to eat once my business was taken care of. I live Uptown, and kept running over all the options in my head between the Quarter & Broadway. But I hadn’t been to Maurepas since their Tales of the Cocktail meal (which was bombass) and decided to go in the opposite direction of home.Maurepas Foods - homemade hot saucesI sat at the bar and the wonderful bartender whose name escapes me talked me through all my decisions. One must have a cocktail when visiting Maurepas, they’re deliciously creative. I had the Elizabeth Swizzle; Cucumber, Pisco, Zirbenz, mint & lime – very refreshing & light which was what I needed for a noontime cocktail.Then, I scoped the menu and asked about the goat tacos. I was told they had just found a great local source for their goat – one they seem quite proud of. I was also told that the grits were out of this world. Well, I am telling you – as I ate that meal I thought ‘this very well could be my last meal’.Maurepas Foods - goat tacosI was given an assortment of homemade hot sauces to try on my goat tacos. The funny thing was I noticed there was nothing on them but the goat. I’m a purist and I love to really taste the flavor of the main ingredient without too many additional spices & accoutrements, but it did seem a bit odd that the goat was ‘naked’. Then I took a bite and I was in heaven. The meat was absolutely tender & delicious. I turned to the grits took a bite and I have to say they may be the best fucking grits I’ve ever eaten. I know not to eat an entire bowl of creamy cheesy grits but I just couldn’t help myself.I was really sad when it was all gone – I could have sat there eating that meal forever. All by myself, at the bar, on a weekday, in the Bywater.Maurepas Foods - creamy gritsThe bartender knowingly twisted my arm (hardly) and convinced me to try to pumpkin pot du creme with caramel popcorn ball on top. It was other worldly as well.I’ve never considered myself a food critic – I’m certainly no Ruth Reichl. But, when I have a meal as memorable and as wonderful as I did at Maurepas, I just can’t keep it to myself.Maurepas Foods is located at 3200 Burgundy in the Bywater.]]