The Laura PlantationThere’s a lot more to Louisiana than New Orleans. With a myriad of national parks, swamps, lakes, rivers, and of course the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana is a wealth of nature, history and wildlife.Clandestine’s Louisiana Exploratory Package will whisk you outside of the city proper for a customized tour of the outskirts of New Orleans. Options for this package include swamp airboat rides, kayaking on the bayou, a private tour at numerous plantations and walking tours through some of the state’s national parks. If you’re interested in Louisiana’s natural landscape as well as its history, this is a great package to customize for your group.What this package includes:

  • Complete itinerary prior to arrival
  • Private car, limousine or limousine bus to and from airport
  • Private transportation throughout the trip
  • A day-long excursion that combines a visit to a number of Louisiana plantations with airboat rides or kayaking on the bayou in order to experience some of Louisiana’s wildlife up-close and personal
  • All meals are included in addition to a visit to a number of well-known restaurants in bayou country or a private dinner at a historic plantation

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