Coming soon!! For the past 6 years, New Orleans has hosted one of the most unique interpretations of the Running of the Bulls. In our version, we replace the lethal bovines with roller girls. A huge congregation of roller derby fans meet down in the Quarter and prepare to run away from the girls as they chase after folks looking to hit their targets with soft bats. If you’re in town July 12 – 15, be sure to witness this event. It’s incredibly fun & entertaining. ~ clndstnNEW ORLEANS, La. /eNewsChannels/ — If past years are any indication, the crowd of partiers may double for the 6th Annual San Fermin in Nueva Orleans 2012 (SFNO) from July 12 – 15, hosted by Nola Bulls, LLC. The New Orleans incarnation of Running of the Bulls features roller derby skaters Big Easy Roller Girls and roller derby skaters from around the world as RollerBulls(TM): horned-helmet wearing, plastic bat wielding, crowd chasers. This spectacle was enjoyed by nearly 15,000 participants in 2011 representing exponential growth since its humble beginning in 2007 during which 125 runners were chased by 13 RollerBulls(TM)via 6th Annual San Fermin in Nueva Orleans 2012 again features Running of The Bulls – Rollergirls with Horns! : eNewsChannels.]]