A band hailing from our next-door neighbor to the East offers a dynamic blend of classic country blues with contemporary funk rock this spring at Jazz Fest. They’re called the North Mississippi Allstars and they do their name justice.The group was founded by two brothers from Hernando, Mississippi. Luther (guitar and vocals) and Cody Dickenson (drums, keys, and electric washboard) started the jam band in 1996, having been inspired by music legends in their close proximity. Their father, Jim Dickinson served as a major musical inspiration along with R.L Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Otha Turner, and the like. Their debut album, Shake Hands With Shorty was released in the spring of 2000. It did the boys and their blues ancestors proud by earning a Grammy nomination for ‘Best Contemporary Blues Album’. In the following years, the band would be nominated twice more in the same category, igniting a flame of intrigue around the roots rock group.The Dickinson brothers have long since been paired up with Chris Chew and his legendary skills on the electric bass guitar. Between them, the trio has released an impressive 16 albums since their start in ’96. Their most recent record, World Boogie is Coming is said to be “career defining.”Although the brothers’ father, their original musical inspiration, has since passed away, the boys have stuck to his wise words assuring them they are better together than they could ever be apart. We are so excited to have the Dickinson brothers and crew here at Jazz Fest this Spring. Join us Sunday, April 27 at 12:35 at the Acura Stage to see these allstars do what they do best!]]