Among all the talent coming to the annual Jazz and Heritage Festival this 2014, there is one band in particular that has the indie/ new wave music scene excited. It is Vampire Weekend’s afro-punk edge, however, that makes them the perfect addition to the jazz fest line up.Whoa, what were all those adjectives? …you say.It’s true, the band’s sound is diverse and multi-faceted, however it is anything but overwhelming. There is something very fresh about the smooth lead vocals of Ezra Koenig layered on top of the sounds of guitar, keyboard, and percussion. Koenig has said that growing up, he had no genre allegiance. Instead, he enjoyed the sounds of classic rock, punk, folk, and African rhythms. We can expect to hear a combination of these ‘world sounds’ at Jazz Fest this Spring.Alongside Koenig, will stand fellow band members, Rostam Batmanglii, Chris Baio, and Christopher Tomson. The foursome got together in 2006 while attending Columbia University. Just one year later, they were signed by XL Recordings, with whom they have released three albums. Their self-titled debut album, their second album Contra, and their most recent- Modern Vampires of the City, have seen huge success in both the US and the UK.Vampire Weekend is a great example of a band who’s success can be partly attributed to their devoted following of fans via social media sites. The internet hype that surrounded them from the beginning, allowed their unique sound to spread quickly. We, at Clandestine, welcome Vampire Weekend to their first ever Jazz Fest debut. We hope to see you out there!]]