Did invadeNOLA just find the best website ever? We think so… Although this may be a bit too crass for some, we believe the simplicity of this website is spot on for those who know the area. If you’re just visiting, you might want to rely on something more consultative, like Eater … ~ clndstnOh my God. I just had my life saved. One of the single hardest questions to answer in New Orleans (if not globally) is “Where should we eat?” Thankfully, the Internet has finally provided me with a resource to answer said question accurately and with the most sass possible. This handy site (soon to be in the app store), WHERE THE FUCK SHOULD I GO EAT?, has taken restaurant recommendations to the next level. Good advice, total attitude. Here is how I think it works:  1) They track your location, through GPS or manual entry, 2) they provide you with a randomly generated series of recommendations based on highly rated Google reviews, and 3) they make you feel like a jerk for asking. Success!via invadeNOLA – I Love Eat : WhereTheFuckShouldIGoToEat.com.]]