We are in full support of this idea from Bill Arceneaux – let’s bring a cinemathequeto New Orleans. If you believe this idea is a good one, please help spread the word. ~ clndstnNew Orleans has theatres that offer great monthly programming, but they’re mostly dedicated to mainstream fare. The New Orleans Film Society puts on amazing screenings of classic, indie and foreign flicks every month, but they have to rely on local venues to have them. You know what could improve on this? A cinematheque.This is something that was lightly discussed by #TeamNOLAFilm. Los Angeles has a cinematheque, so why not New Orleans? A place for UNO film students and local movie buffs to enjoy underground, hard to find, or older films in a real theatre would be a major benefit, and the State Palace would make a great setting.via invadeNOLA – A New Orleans Cinematheque.]]