their review of our services. This particular client was a favorite of ours because they worked so well with us and it really all came down to trust.Thanksgiving Thank You NoteOur client was traveling to New Orleans with a group of 12 family members who were coming from Miami, DC, & Columbus, OH. It was a diverse group – some old, some young; men, women – so we had a lot of work to do to give them all an experience that wouldn’t feel like it was overaccommodating to one particular group. We asked for some specifics from the client regarding his entourage and this was the first key to a successful partnership – he provided a rich description of everyone. That gave us a great start to brainstorming local activities that would meet everyone’s needs.

  • A passion for microbrews – we met with a microbrewery in town and discussed a private tour.
  • A young woman’s love of horses – how about horseback riding on the levee?
  • An older member of the group who may have difficulty walking the Quarter – let’s set you up with a pedicab pub crawl.
  • Speaking of horses & Thanksgiving – we suggested the Track for Thanksgiving. It’s a local tradition to head there for opening day on Turkey Day. We arranged for a front row table so they could enjoy Thanksgiving like the locals.
  • Meals!! We got a sense of how adventurous they were (pretty adventurous!) and ended up giving them a mix of new-school New Orleans restaurants mixed with the standards & a few in between.

They trusted our suggestions & recommendations and used them as a guide for their visit – veering off as necessary and checking in from time to time via text which allowed us to throw in a few tips along the way. We provided a detailed document prior to their arrival with restaurants, parks, shops, tours, & other suggestions as well as a customized map that they could follow. We also broke their days up for them so they could best bundle activities and get the most of their time here – each day we suggested breakfast, lunch, dinner and also what they may want to do that day (walk in the Quarter, shop on Magazine, hit the microbrewery, visit the park…)From the looks of it, they enjoyed their trip here as much as we enjoyed working with them. At one point we received a text that read “Thanks for making this a Thanksgiving to remember!” It’s clients like this that make this ‘job’ feel like anything but!Thank you, Dale & family – you were a pure pleasure!]]