BMF Media as their source on the ground for this big event; our thanks to our great vendors – Kreega Construction – storage & transport, Kim Starr Wise Floral Designs, New Orleans Catering, and Signature Events – permitting!!; not to mention our newest staffer, Riley Charters who has been working long hours to assist BMF & H&M. BMF really pulled out all the stops facilitating an amazing collaboration between The Dolls & the Pinettes Brass Band. Despite some inclement weather, the event was a huge success – packed to the gills with fashionista’s and a Blake Lively sighting.IMG_7536IMG_7539IMG_7538IMG_7537IMG_7535IMG_7534IMG_7533IMG_7532IMG_7531IMG_7530IMG_7529IMG_7528IMG_7527IMG_7526IMG_7523IMG_7516IMG_7515]]