Every college football fan knows the 83rd annual Sugar Bowl on January 2nd, 2017 is the place to be. What better way to kick off the new year than watch the fleur de lis drop, and witness a fierce competition between the Auburn Tigers and Oklahoma Sooners? If you want to experience this battle like a baller, the short answer is to call Clandestine today. With the access we have to all sorts of unique and exclusive experiences and venues, we will take care of all your VIP Sugar Bowl and New Year wants and needs.In the meantime, here’s a list of our recommendations to get the most out of Sugar Bowl 2017:

  1. Make restaurant reservations now. It’s going to be a busy time in the city with folks coming in just for New Year celebrations, as well as those coming in for the game. Even if you end up canceling later, you’re definitely going to want to have reservations set so you don’t end up eating somewhere subpar. On the day of the game, we recommend making a reservation at Johnny Sanchez for brunch and dinner at Borgne. They’re gonna be slammed, but you can’t beat the location. If you want something quick and tasty, Killer Poboys in the French Quarter gets our top vote.
  2. Our favorite hotels in the vicinity of the Superdome are The Roosevelt, The Ritz, and the Hyatt Regency. The Hyatt will likely have the most availability because it’s huge (although the teams may be staying there because it’s attached to the Dome). If you’re looking for something more boutique-like, check out the International House Hotel.
  3. Hit the Sugar Bowl parade on New Year’s Eve, which will roll downtown on Decatur starting at 3:30pm. There is no city in the world that parades like we do here in New Orleans.
  4. Take an Uber —  That whole area is a cluster when there’s a lot of traffic. The city is also pretty accessible for folks to walk. If you’re staying Uptown, you can always hop on a streetcar.
  5. Our favorite bars near the SuperdomeLittle Gem Saloon and Walk-On’s are really close, and they’re likely going to be packed if you want to surround yourself with fans. Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar is a popular pitstop, and Barcadia has plenty of video and board games to keep the kids entertained. Borgne is more of a restaurant, but they have a long bar with a perfect view of their big TV screens. Other notable options include Ernst Cafe and Mannings Sports Bar. For the sophisticated fan, head to The Sazerac Bar at the Roosevelt.

[LagniappeHere are a few safety tips: 1) Don’t walk around alone by yourself at night 2) Stay aware of your surroundings and 3) Don’t pee on the street (unless you’re ok with spending an evening in jail)] 😉 Craving making memories, but don’t have the time or resources to plan? We customize event and travel experiences in New Orleans all year round for any occasion. Just click here to get started. ]]