We’ve been working with the Neighborland folks as a volunteer on a project to help raise awareness around local food truck laws & the challenges associated with those laws; not to mention some residents’ misperceptions of what food trucks are all about. The Neighborland site itself is a pretty nifty one – it allows people to make declarations/suggestions on changes they’d like to see made in their community. Check it out… ~ clndstnBy Debbie ElliottJuly 2, 2012New Orleans became a blank slate after Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005. And ever since, entrepreneurs have rushed in to experiment with new ideas for building and running a city.Among them is a startup called Neighborland.com, a social media tool for sharing ideas to make your neighborhood better. After signing in to Neighborland, you can find your neighborhood and post your idea. The posts all start with “I want,” and you fill in the rest.Neighborland is part of a new genre of websites and apps designed to democratize what shows up in our communities. The project is currently active in several U.S. cities, including Chicago, Las Vegas and New York. But it all began a year ago in New Orleans.via Filling In New Orleans’ Future, One Blank At A Time : NPR.]]