If there’s one thing we know how to do as professional event planners, it’s making magic on the fly. So when last Saturday’s downpour showed no signs of stopping, we dove into improvising the Clandestine way; transforming what was supposed to be a surprise birthday party on Catahoula’s charming rooftop into a lively and enchanting escape from the rain. See what we did with the help of our friends at the brand-new hotel and Pick-a-Petal [Note: All photos taken by Bryan Tarnowski]

_AA_4087Great venue, great staff._AA_3852The cards we were dealt._AA_3876Before_AA_4064After_AA_4031Hanging flowers, lanterns, and birthday cake_AA_3994Floral arrangements and sugar cookies_AA_4120Because there are so many other ways to say “Happy Birthday!” (Sign painted by Monica Kelly Studio)_AA_3949Looking good from the inside…_AA_4100…and out!

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