Halloween is upon us, and happenings, hauntings, and horror await you everywhere you turn. Pick your poison among our top eight out-of-the-box picks, and find out why no other place does All Hallows’ Eve like the mystical Crescent City.Photo above via Beyond the Haunted Puddle 

Friday & Saturday, October 28th & 29th, and Monday, October 31st

bernieDahlia’s Diner44 Vivian Ct.7 PM to 10 PM*Adults only“Bernie Baxter’s Traveling Sideshow is New Orleans’ second-oldest haunted attraction and the longest-running free haunt in the city. Since 2005 we’ve been scaring the city into a stupor and this year will be no exception.” Care for a bone-chilling snippet of what to expect? Read on.  “…Dahlia had imprisoned her customers, using chains and cages to keep them. The lucky ones were turned into meat for the others, the unlucky ones became the subject of her terrible experiments that tried to fuse man and animal. You can see for yourself the horrors of Dahlia’s diner and dive back into the 1950s and the horrors that come from a mind pushed too far…” [via Bernie Baxter]

Friday, October 28th through Monday, October 31st

Scanned DocumentBEYOND THE HAUNTED PUDDLEPORT @ 2120 Port St.7 PM to 9 PM: All ages9 PM to 11 PM: Adults only“BEYOND THE HAUNTED PUDDLE Is an immersive haunted experience based on the story of two children who disappeared into an unearthly puddle in the 9th ward of New Orleans. While the true tale of their journey remains a mystery, this experience allows daring souls to fantasize about what happened that lurid October night. Horrible, beautiful, and alarming, The Haunted Puddle asks the faint of heart, squeamish or prudish to stay at home and keep your heads on your sweet soft pillows. Be scared or leave. Produced and conceived by street artist YOUGOGIRL in collaboration with PORT.” [via Beyond the Haunted Puddle]

Friday, October 28th

swamptourHaunted Halloween Swamp TourSee website for location4 PM to 6 PM“Join us on the Friday before Halloween for a spooky evening tour through the hauntingly beautiful Manchac swamp. We’ll be telling scary stories about the rich haunted history of Manchac and sharing Louisiana folk lore, from witches to ghosts to horrifying swamp monsters.” [via Haunted Halloween Swamp Tour]

Saturday, October 29th

boyfriendPRESERVATION HALLoween: Boyfriend + Pinettes Brass Band and Riviera SlimPreservation Hall Foundation11:30 PM “Rap Cabaret artist Boyfriend has been called a “mysterious, raunchy feminist” by NPR and “endearingly weird” by Paper Magazine but perhaps, like the Grand Canyon, she is best witnessed in the flesh. | The Original Pinettes Brass Band, World’s Only All female Brass Band, was formed by Mr. Jefferey Herbert in 1991. Each member born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, attended St. Mary’s Academy High School an all-girl catholic school. Beginning with 16 or more members, the Original Pinettes ended up with not only St. Mary’s females but other females around the town. | Riviera Slim: Boom. Bap. Boom Boom Bap.” [via Preservation Hall]

Sunday, October 30th

14494860_847167178753994_3085798093577176460_n  Sarah Quintana at Marigny Opera HouseMarigny Opera House5 PM to 6 PMSarah Quintana is performing a special solo set of new songs, french classics, and haunting Halloween covers at Marigny Opera House on October 30th. Should be some spooky soulful musical fun! [via Sarah Quintana]

Monday, October 31st

voodoofest18th Annual VOODOOFESTVoodoo Authentica of New Orleans Cultural Center & Collection1 PM to 7 PM“VOODOOFEST is our FREE annual festival, held EVERY Halloween, which celebrates the Voodoo religion’s many important contributions to New Orleans’ traditions. VOODOOFEST’s primary goals are to honor the Ancestors, educate the public about this widely misunderstood religion & to preserve and celebrate the unique Spiritual & Cultural Heritage of New Orleans.” [via VOODOOFEST]14591692_10155270538566124_2102703181204919631_nNIGHTMARE ON GRUNCH STREET! A Haunting of the Music Box!New Orleans Airlift6 PM to 10 PM“On Halloween, variations, perversions and re-imaginations of this Louisiana legend will come to life. The musical houses themselves become sites of grisly consumption, paranormal musical happenings and performative phenomena. Spectators who arrive via “Grunch Street” are invited to explore the goings-on and come to their own conclusions.” [via New Orleans Airlift]blockparty1st Annual Marigny, Bywater Halloween Block PartyThe Art Garage9 PM to 4 AM“The twisted, warped souls of Frenchmen Art Market and The Art Garage summon all characters from unhappily ever after, to the 1st Annual Marigny, Bywater Halloween Block Party. Crawl out of your grave, howl at the moon and join us in your most creative costume. The spirit of Carl Mack will be judging..” [via The Art Garage & Frenchmen Art Market] —Craving making memories, but don’t have the time or resources to plan? We customize event and travel experiences in New Orleans all year round for any occasion. Just click here to get started.]]