Hogs for The Cause. Hogs, as it’s referred to locally, is a non-profit specifically set up to help raise money for Pediatric Brain Cancer research.This fantastic cause was created a few years back and has progressively grown each year.This year, the Hogs Gala will take place at Popp’s Fountain in City Park on Thursday, March 31st. This year’s gala is a hat tip to The Godfather and has the Link Restaurant Group (aka (Cochon, Cochon Butcher, Herbsaint, & Peche) as co-presenters.On Friday, the official competition starts at 3pm in City Park’s Festival Fairgrounds. They’ve got live music and a whole helluva lot of pork.Saturday, the event continues with more live music and great grub. Grab a ballot and choose your favorite team. They announce the winner Saturday evening.This event is New Orleans at it’s absolute ‘swinest’ (I couldn’t resist) – great food, great music, a terrific location, and all in support of an extremely worthy cause. If you’re in New Orleans, get yourself out there.]]