Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort - 2 bed/2bath living & dining areaThis past July 4th, we took a road trip to the beach at Sandestin, Florida. A 4-1/2 hour drive makes this trip worthwhile and completely doable, even with two precocious 8 year olds. We left on the Wednesday before July 4th and got to our hotel, The Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort right at check-in (4pm). The resort itself is huge – it has properties on both sides of the main thoroughfare in Destin; with accommodations on both The Bay & The Gulf. Our building was right overlooking The Gulf and we were on the top floor with a 2 bed/2 bath and a great big open floor plan kitchen plus an outdoor balcony. Our hotel room/apartment really could not have been better. The building we were in had it’s own pool and we were about a 5 minute walk to the beach where we were able to reserve a few beach chairs & an umbrella for the day.Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort poolThe waves were strong so we opted for the pool much of the time; it’s a lot easier overseeing the kids in the pool than in the ocean, where the flag was set to orange most of the time. The kids could not have been happier – spending the bulk of the day in the water each day.Sandestin: Inland FishingWe did book a private fishing charter in the bay with the girls on Friday and were able to catch a couple Spanish Mackerel. In addition to that, we had a few dolphins follow us in as we headed back to shore which really was a thrill for all of us on the boat. When we got back, we had the kids help us prepare dinner in the room – this leads me to my one BIG disappointment from the trip…Based on our experience there, the food in that area was underwhelming. I realize we come from a pretty amazing food town and as such, we are spoiled. But when I say the food was underwhelming, I’m not exaggerating. Our first night there we walked over to the restaurant next door to our property – the newly opened Beach House. Our girls ordered 2 kids mac & cheese and immediately proclaimed how terrible it was upon arrival. When we tasted their food, we confirmed that it was indeed terrible mac & cheese – it tasted like a watered down version of subpar Kraft Mac & Cheese in a box. How a restaurant, or anyone who thinks they know how to cook can mess up mac & cheese is beyond me.Seaside, FloridaWe did venture over to Seaside for one evening and enjoyed some terrific fresh salads – my beet salad with goat cheese was my favorite item from the trip. The town of Seaside is quite lovely – though extremely crowded. Next time we visit that area, I’m hoping we get to stay in Seaside. There were a number of restaurants and food trucks that we didn’t try that I think might have redeemed the food from our trip if we had stayed there.On our last evening, July 4th, I had made a reservation at the best restaurant in the Sandestin complex, The Marlin Grill. $175 later, I was hungry, disappointed, and annoyed. I ordered the fish special which had scallops wrapped in bacon on top of fresh gulf fish. The bacon was raw – there was no way I was going to eat either the scallops or the bacon and I was too disappointed to send it back. In hindsight, I wish I had. My companion ordered their steak special, which he described as a lesser quality cut of meat doctored up to appear worth the price.Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort - bungee funThere are plenty of fun activities to do with kids – boogie boarding, putt putt, there’s a water park, fishing, dolphin watching, bike riding, you name it. It was definitely worth the trip – next time we will know to cook for ourselves most of the time and perhaps plan on eating more meals in the Seaside area.]]