Well hells bells… New Orleans came in DEAD LAST among the 51 cities that they judged for Culture. My immediate reaction is – clearly these CEOs wouldn’t know culture if it hit them smack dab in the center of their forehead & then poked them in the eye. Really? I’ve lived in 5 cities in my life – Hackensack, NJ, NYC, DC, San Francisco, and Fayetteville, AR… In all honesty, I believe New Orleans is just as cultured as NYC & SF. I’m really floored by this – these CEOs have lost any credibility I may have considered giving them. Here’s an invitation: I personally invite these CEOs to visit New Orleans and allow Clandestine to show them the city. There’s no way they’ll leave here thinking that we still deserve to be on the bottom of that list. ~ clndstn CEOs for Cities: New Orleans is the least cultured city in America | Blog of New Orleans.]]