French Quarter Fest the less flashy sibling of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Considered the locals version of Jazz Fest, there are many many reasons, why FQF is a true contender for the best festival in New Orleans.1. It’s free. There is no admission to FQF.2. It takes place in the French Quarter, which is considerably more accessible than Jazz Fest.3. It’s pretty substantial – they’ve got lots of vendors and stages and there are also venues located downtown that participate.4. Because of the 3 items listed above, you can take it at your own pace – enjoy the French Quarter and then mix in a few stops along the way for live music, tasty food booths, and do some shopping at our local shops.5. Lastly, often times French Quarter Fest is blessed with the best weather of the season. While Jazz Fest can get hit with big rain storms that wreak havoc on the grassy Fairgrounds or early summer heat & humidity that leave folks desperate for shelter – FQF just seems to get really lucky with the weather. Add to that the breeze of the Mississippi and also the fact you can dip into a shop or three if the sun is too strong it really can’t be beat.]]