this post following Mardi Gras 2012, and with Fat Tuesday 2013 fast approaching felt it was an appropriate time to share again.As the mom of a 6 year old, I couldn’t agree more with this mother’s point of view on Mardi Gras. In my opinion, the best kept secret about Mardi Gras is how absolutely amazing it is for kids & families. Our family has a core group of friends, also with kids, that we ‘set up camp’ with for the duration of Mardi Gras. We bring chairs & ladders, tables & tents, tarps, tons of food & even more liquor. We typically set up camp early in the morning and we don’t get home until after dark. The food spans various meals – breakfast beignets, muffalettas for lunch, and burgers & dogs for dinner. It’s a picnic of epic proportion.Many envision Mardi Gras as a debaucherous hootenanny of boobs, beads & booze – but that’s only a fraction of what Mardi Gras is about and it’s well located downtown. A family can stay uptown and never see anything lude or inappropriate for the little ones.My daughter has no idea that Mardi Gras doesn’t happen everywhere. She absolutely adores it. Typically we have a full house of other family friends who know the best kept secret. They pull their kids out of school, make their pilgrimage to New Orleans and leave loaded up with beads & doubloons & fake swords & stuffed animals plus lots of memories. We highly recommend Mardi Gras as a family vacation – I dare say it’s a great alternative to Disney World. It’s authentic, steeped in history, and has something for everyone.An “Out of Towner’s” Top 10 Reasons to Bring Your Kids to Mardi Gras]]